GameHouse Word Collection

GameHouse Word Collection

A collection of three word games with a nice screen display

GameHouse Word Collection is a collection of three word games that can be educative for children. It can also be very entertaining and it can be played by adults as well. Super Text Twist, Wild Wild Words and What Word are the three games included in the package that can help players improve their vocabulary as well as exercise attention and concentration.

One of the games challenges players to find as many words as possible by using only seven letters. Wild Wild Words asks for paying attention to what words can be made out of letters that are spread on the screen, while they continue falling just like in a Tetris game. The last one involves making inversions between neighbor letters until enough are properly aligned to form a word.

The game interface is quite nicely designed and the instructions are clear enough. Switching from one game to another may prove to be less easy than expected though.

Fans of Scrabble will find it nice to have three different word games in one package, because they won't get bored while playing with words.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Good for brain training
  • Exercises attention, concentration and increases vocabulary


  • There's a difficulty in switching games
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